TYMBA Professional in Financial Mastery (CPiFM) Certification

Realise your business & career potential with financial expertise eventhough you are NOT AN ACCOUNTING QUALIFICATIONS holder

PiFM® certification equips you with the knowledge and skills to understand, control, and leverage financial data for your business goals & career aspirations.

Are these challenges familiar to you?

“I’m a non-accounting graduate and….”


“I can't seem to keep the expenses within the projected budget, and I definitely want to gain the ability to allocate resources more efficiently to avoid financial strain.”


“I’m unable to predict when we'll be short on cash for operations, and I would love to understand cash flow forecasting to ensure we're never in a tight spot."


"I failed to accurately calculate the cost of our services, leading to pricing that doesn't cover costs or generate expected profits, and having knowledge in cost accounting can help us set more profitable prices."


“I regret that I’ve chosen the wrong financing option, which has led to unnecessary interest expenses, and I should have had a better understanding of debt and equity financing to make a more informed decision."


"I suffer from unrealistic financial projections due to a lack of accounting fundamentals, and I wish that I had the skills in financial analysis to create more accurate and achievable plans for my business growth."


"I'm indecisive about which tax deductions we can legally take advantage of, and it would be helpful if I had a deeper understanding of tax regulations to maximise our savings."

The PiFM® certification can directly solve these challenges!

No previous qualification, knowledge or skills required!

TYMBA PiFM® certification, in collaboration with globally renowned professional accounting body – ACCA, aims to empower all individuals with financial skills & business knowledge to thrive in their career & businesses regardless if it is a micro business or a large corporation!

Am I the right fit for CPiFM®?

TYMBA CPiFM® is crafted for all individuals who are non-accounting graduate business owners, entrepreneur, professionals, executives & managers who wants to:

Understand better the business you own or work for

Be more confident and informed in decision-making

Manage costing, budget and pricing soundly

Improve financial planning and forecasting

Increase profitability and growth of your organisation

Be financial literate in communicating for clearer discussions


6 Reasons Why You Need to Take Up the PiFM® Certification


Professional recognition

Professionally recognised globally as the certification is crafted in collaboration with ACCA, a professional accounting body recognised by global employers and consists of 241,000+ members and 542,000+ future members


Enhances employability

Makes you a preferred candidate for employers, showcasing your advanced skills, dedication and boosts your job prospects and potential for promotions.


Progressive qualification

Provides a structured learning path from basic to advanced financial concepts, keeping you relevant and prepared for future challenges in finance.


Networking opportunities

Provides access to a community of finance professionals, offering networking opportunities that can lead to career advancement and professional growth.


Higher Earning Potential

Often leads to higher salary opportunities due to the specialized skills and recognition that come with certification.


Skills Application

Enables practical application of financial theories to real-world scenarios, improving decision-making and problem-solving abilities in financial contexts.

What You Will Get When Joining TYMBA PiFM® Certification

The Professional Perks

Use of CPiFM® designation behind your name


ACCA Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting


Verified PiFM® certificate by TYMBA endorsed by ACCA


Access to ACCA network and support


The Certification Contents

Unlimited access to PiFM® learning materials & course for 6 months

(RM3,988 Value)

All inclusive ACCA Initial Registration

(RM534 Value)

All inclusive ACCA FA1 & MA1 Examination Fees (at TYMByte only)

(RM1,200 Value)

Progression & Performance Tracking via Topical Quiz & Tutorials

(RM997 Value)

2 Progress Tests & 2 Mock Exams for ACCA FA1 & MA1

(RM497 Value)

All TYMBA PiFM® Participants Support & Network Group


The Industry-Oriented PiFM® Trainings (HRDC certified)

(RM1,497 Value)

All inclusive ACCA Annual Subscription

(RM804 Value)

Guided Learning combining Pre-recorded & Live Online Sessions

(RM1,994 Value)

All inclusive TYMBA ACCA FA1 & MA1 Questions Bank

(RM1,997 Value)

Support group provided 24/7 between you, your peers & tutor

(RM497 Value)


Get it all right now at only..

Ready to rewrite your future?

"Transforming Tomorrow: Embrace a New Chapter with Us"

Before CPiFM®

Feeling LOST and WITHOUT DIRECTION on how to gain control on your financials like managing cash flow, risk ability to pay suppliers or even cover basic expenses.

Often find yourself OVERSPENDING or not allocating enough budget for projects, marketing, inventory, leading to MISSED OPPORTUNITIES.

Setting prices has always been a guesswork game, sometimes TOO LOW to cover costs or TOO HIGH to be competitive.

Without understanding financial metrics, you are unsure when to invest in growth or how to secure financing, STUNTING your business & organisation potential

Overwhelmed with financial planning, implication and feel like it is TOO MUCH.

After CPiFM®

Filled with CLARITY and direction on exactly what you should be doing when it comes to project or business financials.

Feeling CONFIDENT about the potential of your financials and how to integrate it with your projects, business or organisation.

Sets a REALISTIC BUDGET that accounts for all aspects of your business, from cash flow, inventory, marketing, ensuring each dollar is effectively utilized.

Able to PLAN AHEAD for slow periods, maintaining a healthy cash reserve to keep projects or business running smoothly.

ARMED with knowledge of costs and market analysis, making you set competitive pricing that maximize profit margins and remain attractive to clients.

Understanding financial statements and metrics, be able to identify the right time to invest in expansion and best financing options, leading to sustainable growth.




Module 1 - ACCA FA1

Introduces you to the fundamentals of preparing and recording financial documentation from originating documents and processing business transactions. It also covers relevant banking procedures associated with bookkeeping, maintaining and reconciling cash and petty cash records, preparing journal entries, updating relevant general ledger accounts and identifying and correcting errors.

Assessed by two-hour computer-based examinations. The pass mark for FA1 examinations is 50%.

Module 2 - ACCA MA1

Introduces you to basic costing principles and techniques and the tools with which to use these principles and techniques. The syllabus starts by introducing business organisations and the specific role of the management accountant within the organisation. This leads on to transaction processing and coding where the systems used in the gathering of costing information are described, along with coding systems which ensure that cost information is properly classified. The next section deals with cost classification followed by the basic techniques for accounting for costs. It finally introduces candidates to spreadsheets as an important tool in supporting cost and management accounting.

Assessed by two-hour computer-based examinations. The pass mark for MA1 examinations is 50%.

Module 3 - ACCA Foundation in Professionalism

An online and interactive the module helps develop your understanding of what it means to act professionally and ethically.

Learning units includes
(1) Ethics and professionalism
(2) Personal effectiveness
(3) Communication and interpersonal skills.

Assessed by quizzes & activities for each learning unit and final assessment has a pass mark of 50%.

Module 4 - TYMBA PiFM Module Level 1

This module focuses on essential knowledge in financial concepts, accounting fundamentals, basic taxation, and corporate finance. The programme aims to develop practical skills through hands-on workshops, enabling participants to identify key financial elements in business, simulate accounting transactions, apply taxation concepts, and analyse corporate financial decisions. Additionally, the programme seeks to enhance participants' capabilities in cost accounting, aligning financial decisions with business strategy, and utilising key financial ratios for decision-making.

Assessed by two-hour computer-based examinations. The pass mark for FA1 examinations is 50%.

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